• Support grassroot Voluntary and Community sector organisations by developing their existing capacity and skills.

• Promote the advancement of education, learning or retraining, particularly amongst the unemployed and provide works experience and volunteering opportunities.

• Provide the delivery of relevant and high quality Information, Advice and Guidance, especially for those most distant from, or facing barriers to access the labour market.

• Support the delivery of new enterprises, including support for established social and community enterprises.

• Promote social and economic inclusion, including the integration or marginalised groups and minorities into the wider communities.

• Support and enable our grassroot partners to access competitive funding and public sector, charitable and other grant aid funding opportunities within Wolverhampton, the Black Country sub region, the wider West Midlands region and nationally, that would not otherwise be available to them individually.

• Ensure the consistent achievement of high standards of quality and performance in service delivery of Company Members through shared best practice, bench marking, the establishment of baselines and through the implementation of recognised quality marks.

• Develop and encourage, foster and promote the economic and social development and regeneration of Wolverhampton and its environs, by building partnerships with organisations with similar aims and values.

• Deliver activities for the benefit of the community.

The services offered through the WLP partners will maximise the potential of Wolverhampton residents and enhance the social health and well-being and economic prosperity of the community.

We will work together to provide: information, advice and guidance, learning, enterprise support and well-being activities to those who are in work, out of work or facing redundancy.

Our services are client centred and responds to individual needs and aspirations.

We aim to:
• Reduce unemployment and risk to redundancy
• Provide a coherent and accessible advice and guidance service in the community
• Promote equality of opportunity
• Improve skills levels
• Encourage partnership working between employers and statutory and voluntary sectors.
• Improve the health and well-being of the community through our grassroot partners, we offer a free service including:
• Careers Advice and Guidance
• Digital online learning support
• Enterprise and business support
• Youth employment and support
• Pre-ESOL, ESOL, Maths, English and IT learning support
• Sector based training
• Volunteering opportunities
• Arts and Theatre into well-being support and learning
• Health and well-being support improving the lifestyle including mental and physical health
• Employability Courses
• Help with applications, letters, CV’s and interviews

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