The Wolverhampton Learning Platform (WLP) originates to 2010, when a group of Voluntary Sector organisations decided to work together in partnership to address unemployment in Wolverhampton. The WLP was established as a CIC in 2014.

WLP identified a real need for active engagement and stronger partnership work to meet the learning, skills and employment needs of the local residents in some of the most deprived areas of Wolverhampton.

Wolverhampton grassroots organisations have a vital role to play in the delivery of public services, which can be a very difficult and competitive marketplace, dominated by large commercial and Voluntary and Community Organisations. The size and complexity of the tendering process and increasingly demanding contracts can make it difficult for SME’s, particularly third sector organisations to compete on their own.

WLP wishes to give these organisations a chance to compete for, and ultimately deliver such contracts in the heart of the community.

WLP is also a positive avenue bringing other statutory, private and public sector providers together to develop and create pathways to further and higher education. This entails taking individuals on a journey to fulfil their learning and career aspirations.

To maximise the potential of local residents and enhance the social wellbeing and economic prosperity of the community, by making the most of our combined efforts. We work together in a coordinated approach to provide high quality and reliable Information, Advice and Guidance. Additionally, we will offer excellent support, skills and training according to individual needs and aspirations

Our Core Values

• Putting interests of the clients and community first
• Working with integrity, honesty and impartiality
• Being open and transparent
• Valuing the human potential of all the people we work with
• Valuing partnership work with organisations based on trust, commitment and respect
• Promoting equal opportunities, social inclusion and valuing diversity
• Valuing our staff and volunteers
• Working towards a just and fair society

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